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Why do you need a recognized education consultant?

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

The Unknown - Get a trusted guide!

The admission process to a college or university can be long and confusing. This statement is very true, especially when trying to study abroad, as many unknown factors come into play. The course, program, co-op, local culture, climate, economy, institution, people, job market, study permit, housing, community, politics, etc., are some of the factors that must be considered while you are searching for your higher education abroad. Canada Study Consultants are based in Canada and will work with you to choose the right school and make an informed decision based on current metrics.

The Trap - Don't Fall!

There are several bogus agents and agencies that promise an easy way to Canada. Do your investigation before you commit or give any money to the agencies. There are several horror stories of students and parents losing their time and money to bogus agents and rackets. Stay away from these unqualified persons and look for qualified agents who can be a trusted guide in your higher education journey. Our Managing Director is a qualified ICEF graduate and has completed the Canada Course for Education Agents.

The Salesman - Stay Away!

Then, some agencies try to pigeonhole you to their catalogue. They have partnerships with a few colleges and try their excellent sales tactics to make you select the one they want, not you want. Higher education is the key to your future success, and you don’t want your future to be boxed in someone's catalogue. Canada Study Consultants will get to know you, your interests and your aspiration and will guide you to choose the higher education that elevates you. We will never box you to a catalogue or a list - Canada is wide and open, and we believe so is your higher education dream.


You need to know the ground reality in the country where you want to study and eventually settle. Canada Study Consultants is here to help you explore Canadian higher education, put your best foot forward and get you accepted into the university or college of your dreams. Contact us today to explore your Canada higher education dream, and we will be your trusted partner to make it a reality.

Canada Study Consultants offers personalized college and university admission counselling, helping students get into the right school. We are based in Canada and can help you better understand the program and curriculum offered here, along with a detailed job market analysis. We offer free primary and secondary consultations to help you create an effective plan to get into your top-choice university. Reach out to us today to get started!

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